Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee Cup

In this article, I will suggest you few simple steps that will give you that great coffee experience and produce a great cup of coffee every time! Just remember, at first it may seem a bit of a chore. Change always does. There is always the reward of the effort made. A reward is also waiting for the effort NOT made. It will also help you avoid guessing which one to buy every month; instead, you can sign up for monthly coffee club from Nectar of Life. Which would you rather taste?

Coffee Tip #1 Oxygen turns coffee bitter. The more surface area exposed to air the quicker the coffee will go stale. A normal auto-drip grind will create 300-500 pieces from each bean. You have just increased the surface area 300% exposed to air. Espresso grind is far worse with an average 1000-3000 pieces per bean. This is why the vacuum-pack can smells so good when you open it, but just a couple days later the experience can never be re-lived.

Step 1 – Grind only as much coffee as you plan to use. Toss the excess on your plants. Old ground coffee makes great potting soil, and bad coffee.

Coffee Tip #2 Dosage. Yep only .2 ounces – now that gives you some idea on the retail markup. WOW. Without any yield loss (Steady Hand) one pound of coffee may produce 80 cups. Now add that great retail price you are paying $8.00 times 80 cups equals = $640 per pound of coffee you are paying. It is true that we did not figure in frothy milk and sprinkles.

Step 2 -Best to use that little scoop that came with the coffee machine. Or the rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee per six ounces of water, or .2 ounces of coffee for every cup of liquid coffee.

Coffee Tip #3 Most people don’t have a $200+ espresso machine. If you do great! If not, chill out. There are so many ways to brew great coffee. The purest will love to use a French Press. My parents used a Percolator that emits sounds depicting the coffee wars within the stainless silver chamber. My in-laws used a Moka-pot to get coffee extract. Today it’s the affordable Automatic Drip with assorted cone shaped gold and paper filters.

Step 3 – Whatever you use keep it clean and drink the coffee right after brewing. Unless you have an Insulated stainless-steel carafe (They don’t have an underneath burner), don’t let it cook for hours – it won’t get better – but it will get stronger.

Coffee Tip #4 Just like the food you take home in a “doggie bag” from a restaurant never tastes as good the next day, the same goes for coffee grounds. The difference is, it may even be worse!

Step Four – Don’t reuse old coffee grounds – Are you a knucklehead? Give them to your plants or create art.

Step Four – Rule: It is better to add a little syrup first then increase to your taste versus throwing the drink out because of over flavoring. You can also create your own flavor creations with just a few syrups. Some companies even offer syrups that are organic and sugar free.

Coffee Tip #Five Flavored Coffee is the Craze. If you flavor coffee, which seems to defeat the whole idea of specialty coffee in the first place, consider this. No roaster is going to use his best coffee and then add the flavoring before he puts it in the roaster. Why would you if the true flavor of the coffee is now compromised by a flavored syrup? So two things happen. You get an inferior coffee and you don’t get the best flavoring. (Even if the best coffee has been used, the true flavor is compromised by the flavoring.)

So, if you insist on flavored coffee there is a better way.

Step Five – it is best to use a premium coffee syrup like the professionals use versus flavored coffee that uses a chemical base. Using a premium coffee syrup will allow everyone to add flavor to the coffee to their liking (or not add at all).

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