Ramen Restaurant NYC Review

If you’re looking for a great Asian-inspired restaurant in NYC, head to ZEN RAMEN & Sushi. In this bustling enclave in midtown Manhattan a few blocks south of 53rd Street, diners and foodies alike will find a full menu of wonderful Asian-influenced cuisine. The original ramen chicken is still on the menu along with skewers of sashimi and seafood but also enjoy everything from Chinese broccoli salad to miso soup to pizza and Indian vindaloo. It’s all here and it’s not like anyone is trying to leave out anyone else. This is a genuine New York style restaurant that feels more like an old-school hole in the wall than a fast food restaurant.

Since this is a popular restaurant in NYC, I wasn’t able to personally try the ramen as I wanted to go there for lunch and not dinner, but I imagine it’s probably just as good as any other ramen restaurant in NYC has to offer. If you are looking for the best ramen etc, then this is the one to go to. Located in a midtown Manhattan area between 53rd and Sixth avenues, ZEN RAMEN & Sushi are run by two Japanese American men who are also owners of other restaurants and a bookstore. It is not uncommon to see Chinese, Korean and Thai dishes also on their menu, along with a variety of ramen dishes.

For a quick bite to eat while in NYC, you should try ZEN RAMEN & Sushi. The atmosphere of this small restaurant is extremely welcoming and extremely clean. Of course you can get the traditional Japanese egg rolls and karaoke for added fun. I especially like the fresh mixed seafood platter – it has crab, salmon, octopus and crab meat which was extremely flavorful and prepared just right.

Of course if ramen wasn’t enough, they also have a wide selection of high quality Japanese panko bread. Panko bread really goes well with ramen. It adds a nice crunchy texture, but isn’t too oily or difficult to cut through. Of course it goes well with other foods as well, but I especially like it on its own. Of course if you want a spicy flavor you can also opt for some hot, tasty dipping sauce. I particularly like it on carrots and cabbage.

There are also several other dishes on the menu that I found interesting, such as a few vegetarian choices as well as miso soup which had me licking my lips in anticipation. Ramen is also famous for its ginger carrots, & sesame seed rolls. It’s also famous for its seafood-related dishes such as sashimi, oysters, crab meat, & assorted fish. Of course the standard vegetable side dishes are available, but I also noticed that they also offered a miso soup & sushi flavored waffle, so it’s possible that if you aren’t a fan of these things you can always switch them around to suit your tastes.

My favorite place to go to when I am in New York is actually inside of a ramen restaurant. I love ramen so much, I even made it into my wedding! If you are ever in New York, I highly recommend going to a restaurant that serves ramen. You will not be disappointed and I am sure if you make the trek out to New York, you will find the place that is right for you. If you aren’t a fan of ramen, but still love Japanese food, then you should definitely check out this restaurant!

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