Our Divisions

The food we eat today is too rich, too fatty, too sweet or just too unbalanced. It only provides us with 25% of the nutrients we need for a healthy balance. Our cells need precise amounts of these key nutrients in order to be able to regenerate properly. Our well-being and health depend on the quality and balance of this cell nutrition, both in the short term and the long term.

And this is precisely where Natraceutical Group focuses the work of its two divisions: the Ingredients Division and the Food Supplements Division.

From the Ingredients Division the company investigates, develops, produces and distributes natural and functional food ingredients worldwide. Our customers (mainly, food and beverage companies) meet in our ingredients the tool to satisfy current market demands for healthier foodstuff. Natural fibres, antioxidants, fruit and vegetal powders, natural colours, pectins, yeasts and natural caffeine are the main product lines of the Division, which has a combined portfolio of over 500 references.

The Food Supplement Division develops and distributes food supplements in capsules, tablets or vials, exclusively sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies, throughout in Europe mainly. Natraceutical Group markets its food supplement line of products under the brand name of Forté Pharma.