Beginners Guide to The Best Sandwich Chains

If you are new to the world of sandwiches, then you have a lot of sandwiches you need to try. There are so many unique and different sandwich chains out there and for sandwich lovers it is hard to choose any one. But if you have just discovered your love for sandwiches, then we have a list of different sandwich chains for you that you need to try out in this beginners guide to the best sandwich chains.


Subway is always the number one choice for sandwich and is famous globally as it has many branches all over the world. At subway, you get the best tasting sandwiches and what’s more you can even create your very own sandwich. They have a variety of different breads from which you can choose and then you choose all toppings you need. Be it veggies, meat, or sauces. You get to choose everything and in case you do not feel like having a sandwich then you can always go for a salad. A salad at subway is basically everything that you eat in a sandwich minus the bread.

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is another popular sandwich chain. Jimmy John Liautaud is the Jimmy John Founder. He started with a small sandwich shop which than expanded and in only 10 years worth of time he had more than 10 franchises. Their sandwiches are unique and even though the sandwich chain started out with only 4 flavors on the menu, it has now so many different flavors. For sandwich lovers, this sandwich chain is a must try.

There are many other sandwich chains that you should try but the two mentioned above should be at the top of your list.

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