About Us


Natraceutical Group was a Spanish multinational corporation at the forefront of biotechnology applied to nutrition and health. The company is a leading reference in the research and development of naturally-sourced functional / active ingredients and nutritional complements for the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. The company streamlines its industrial activity through two divisions (Ingredients and Food Supplements) with the purpose of contributing to the prevention of diseases and improving quality of life through nutrition.

The Group’s Ingredients division currently runs production facilities in Spain, UK, Switzerland, Australia and Brazil; and operates actively in over 60 countries, running branches in Europe, US and the Asia Pacific region, plus several sales networks worldwide. Natraceutical provides products and services to over 1,000 companies worldwide, including eight of the world’s ten leading food corporations.

The Group’s Food Supplements division operates in Europe through the brand Forté Pharma, specializing in nutritional supplements for health, beauty and weight control.

Natraceutical Group is today a multinational group with 541 staff from several nationalities in the five continents, working from thirteen different countries in the world. This fact gives the company a versatile view of the main global markets.